Quality manufacturing and management are at the core of our beliefs as a company. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, services, and support. We are an NQA ISO 9001:2015 certified business in order to uphold these goals show our commitment to these ideals. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems, and over 1 million companies have been certified with this standard.

 The main benefits and reasons we are proud to have this certification are summarized below:

1. Development of Consistent Products

ISO standards emphasize the need for internal audits and management reviews in order to create the most consistent environment possible. Since ISO standards emphasize taking action, this enables inefficiencies and issues that arise in any process throughout the company to be easily identified and eliminated. Since all employees are trained on ISO principles, this ensures that products will have the same care and attention paid to them regardless of which area of our organization it originates and is manufactured in.

2. Increased Stakeholder Satisfaction

ISO standards focus on effectively applying and improving the system and processes we have in place in order to assure conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 provides a framework and set of principles that ensure a common-sense approach to the management of an organization to consistently satisfy customers and other stakeholders. Customers are able to enjoy products and services with higher quality and consistency, and internally employees are able to be supported by management and guided by the ISO principles.

3. Support UN Sustainability Goals

ISO standards focus on internal and external improvement also means that we are helping to make the world a better place by following these standards. The ISO 9001 standard helps to enhance peace and prosperity, eradicate poverty and protect the planet by focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 9, 12, and 14. These goals are no poverty, development of resilient infrastructure & promotion of inclusive and sustainable industrialization, responsible consumption and production, and protection of life below water, respectively.

The ISO 9001 standard was revised in 2015 to ensure relevance in the modern workplace and improves compatibility with other management systems. The revision unifies the high-level structure with that of other standards, making integration of additional systems simpler. Poseidon Systems uses our certification to mitigate risk, both for the company and our customers, and continuously monitor and improve our operations. Poseidon Systems is proud to hold ourselves to the highest quality management standard and deliver increased value as a result.

To learn more about our company, visit our about page here, or view our NQA certificate here.