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Deep Dive Into Next Generation Online Fluid Technology

Oil sampling analysis has been the backbone of all oil reliability programs for the past century. From early analysis technology used by oil labs to the more modern miniaturized benchtop equipment, these have transformed the way and speed to which we make decisions around preventative maintenance. The latest of these advancements has been new in-line, real-time oil quality monitoring sensors that deliver on the earlier promises of true online monitoring capabilities.

New Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology has enabled a far more holistic view of oil health, and new sensors are now capable of detecting degradation of not only overall quality, but estimating percent soot, total base number, relative humidity, additive depletion, etc. These new sensors can detect most, if not all, key oil events and project remaining useful life of the oil while the asset is in operation. While these sensors cannot duplicate lab analysis results, they can provide the necessary insight to make preventative maintenance decisions before damage occurs.

This technology can be applied to numerous industries and situations, including the measurement of fuel contamination in engines, detecting leaks and other engine damage, analysis of temperature variation on oil health, and more. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how Poseidon’s line of QM/QW sensors can be used to save money for customers and be paired with high-quality lab-based oil sampling protocol in order to create a big impact in operators’ reliability programs.

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