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Introduction to Poseidon Live: Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Poseidon Live is Poseidon’s own cloud-based portal that allows customers to easily monitor the health of their assets using real time online data from Poseidon’s sensors. Poseidon Live offers immediate notifications regarding asset health as well as providing historical analysis to help understand patterns and create better future models. If any alarms are triggered by your sensors, Poseidon is here to help and can provide detailed analysis for any specific issues that arise.

This 40-minute webinar explains the basics of Poseidon Live and covers the following topics:

  • What is Poseidon Live?
  • How does this website work?
  • How is the wear debris data collected?
  • How is the data interpreted?
  • Why should Poseidon Live be used?

Poseidon Live provides a number of different reports about all of your assets and has the capability to provide an overview of your fleet of assets as a whole or provide information about an individual asset over any period of time. This webinar also provides a demonstration of how Poseidon Live works so you can see exactly what to expect when using the software.

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