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Introduction to Metallic Debris Monitoring

Metallic wear debris monitoring is essential to gauging the health of your asset. When using Poseidon’s DM sensors, this monitoring can continuously detect wear debris in real time which enables the root cause of issues to be discovered as they arise. This provides many benefits including reduced O&M cost, reduced downtime, and increased asset useful life as compared to using solely offline oil analysis methods such as particle counting.

This 50-minute webinar explains the basics of metallic debris monitoring and covers the following topics:

  • What is metallic debris monitoring?
  • How does the technology work?
  • How does debris monitoring different than particle counting?
  • How are the sensors installed?
  • What are the data outputs and how are they interpreted?
  • How can metallic debris monitoring save money?

Poseidon’s metallic debris monitoring sensors are able to provide increased levels of sensitivity as compared to other metallic debris monitoring sensors, and this webinar explains the immense value that can provide to your company. This webinar provides a complete overview of the technical features as well as installation of Poseidon’s sensors.

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