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Advanced Oil Wear Debris Monitoring on Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Online oil condition monitoring sensor technology has greatly increased in potential in recent years. Advanced sensors are capable of detecting a large number of qualities about oil, including characteristics such as ferrous and non-ferrous particle concentration, water contamination, and remaining oil performance. Online oil condition monitoring has the benefit of multiple sampling locations and unlimited sampling which provide more accurate measurements and less false positives as compared to offline analysis.

This 30-minute webinar explains the a number of ways advanced oil wear debris monitoring can add value to an organization and covers the following topics:

  • What is online oil condition monitoring for wind?
  • How is it different than 6 month oil samples?
  • Why it is a great compliment to vibration?
  • What has Poseidon learned from monitoring 5,500 wind turbines?
  • How can wear debris be used to extend turbine life?

Furthermore, Poseidon Systems is able to provide the best and most direct measurement of gearbox damage rather than just providing information about oil quality. The immediate detection and alarm through Poseidon’s data analysis platform allows for sooner detection of issues than other forms of oil analysis. Given the fact that sensors are designed to last for the life of the asset, Poseidon’s online oil quality sensors provide an excellent ROI and enable significant cost-savings for the customer.

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