Wind Turbine Life Extension with Trident DM4500


Planetary bearing faults are difficult to detect during early stages and manage through end of life using vibration systems alone, but make up a majority of WTG failures.


Online wear debris monitoring is used to detect early stage planetary bearing faults much better than other methods and extends turbine gearbox life.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides real-time, online gearbox health information
  • Early detection of faults missed by vibration analysis
  • Provides gearbox life gauge to enable gearbox life extension
  • Allows for more informed decision making for allocation of resources
  • Reduces O&M costs through the elimination of inefficiencies and fixed costs
Poseidon Systems’ online debris monitoring sensor is able to detect faults in wind turbine gearboxes at extremely early levels. This gives our customers levels of flexibility that would not be present with other methods of oil analysis and allows them to make the decisions that make the most sense for their business goals and minimize their costs. The Trident DM4500 sensor was able to detect a planetary bearing fault fault two and a half years before the turbine needed to be derated. Request this Case Study by using the form below: