Wind Turbine Borescope Optimization with Trident DM4500


Extensive use of a borescope on wind turbine gearboxes is extremely expensive, with inconsistent quality between various teams.


Online wear debris monitoring is used to identify turbines which have sufficient wear to warrant an in-depth borescope.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides real-time, online gearbox health information
  • Detection of faults missed by vibration analysis
  • Optimize borescope team priorities
  • Improves borescope consistency and efficiency
  • Increase end of warranty claims through a more effective end of warranty inspection program

Poseidon Systems’ online oil debris monitoring system can identify abnormal amounts of wear in wind turbine gearbox by using real-time asset health monitoring. This case study looks at a customer who identified seven turbines out of fifteen which had high amounts of debris sensed. This allowed the customer to only borescope these turbines and improve the understanding of the faults present while saving money on unnecessary borescopes. The Poseidon Systems Trident DM4500 sensor was able to help a customer minimize downtime and maintenance costs and identify several previously unnoticed issues. Download to learn more!

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