Primary Crusher Gearbox Damage Prevention by Trident FQMS


Mechanical issues in mining crusher gearboxes can lead to high levels of oil debris wear and progress to catastrophic failure if not discovered early enough.


Poseidon’s Trident FQMS offers the earliest detection of oil problems of any condition monitoring technology. ​

Key Benefits:

  • Provides continuous insight to oil health
  • Provides the earliest real-time, online asset health information
  • Reduces secondary damages to the asset due to mechanical faults
  • Minimizes repair costs through early detection and condition-based maintenance practices such as optimized fluid drain intervals
  • Detects, sizes, and classifies (ferrous vs. nonferrous) metallic particles
  • Maximizes operating life of the asset

Poseidon Systems’ online oil quality monitoring system can detect abnormal patterns in the degradation of oil life in gearboxes using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technology and condition based monitoring. This case study looks at a customer who found an emerging fault in their crusher gearbox due to an alarm triggered by abnormally high ferrous concentrations in gearbox oil, as sensed by Poseidon’s Trident QW3100 sensor. This allowed the customer to make proactive repairs to prevent costly secondary damage and reduce downtime.

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