Breather Replacement – Iso-Logic Breather


Desiccant life degrades at different rates on different equipment; replacements are based on fixed time intervals or visual inspection.


Using a connected breather, desiccant breathers can be replaced based on actual condition rather than time.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides continuous tracking of breather RUL
  • Tracks direction of humidity to determine if the source is from inside or outside the gearbox.
  • Simple plug and play installation, backed by Poseidon’s online data analysis services, with real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Wireless and wired options available

Poseidon Systems’ iso-logic breather enables customers to replace desiccant breathers based on condition and usage rather than replacing on a time-based schedule. This case study looks at a customer who implemented this technology into their wind turbine gearboxes and learned they needed to replace the breather in one turbine three times more often than was needed in another turbine. This allowed them to ensure that their assets were not being damaged while also minimizing waste and unnecessary costs. Download to learn more!

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