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Case Studies

Wind Turbine Life Extension by DM4500 

Learn how Poseidon extends asset life & saves O&M costs.

Diesel Engine Fault Detection by QW3100

Learn how Poseidon Detected a coolant leak & prevented Failure.

Reduced Borescope Costs by DM4500

Reduces borescope costs & increase warranty claims.

Crusher GBX Damage Prevention by FQMS 

Poseidon detected emerging fault & prevented secondary damage.

Gear Tooth Fault Detection by DM4500

Learn how Poseidon’s sensors reduced cost & extended asset life.

Bearing Fault Detection by DM4500 

Learn how Poseidon’s sensors lead to better planning & Reduced costs.

Water-In-Oil Detection by FQMS

Learn how Poseidon found an oil issue early & prevented secondary damage.

Breather Replacement with Iso-Logic Breather

Learn how Poseidon can enable condition based repairs for desiccant breathers.

Site-Wide LoRa Network with AP2200 

Learn how Poseidon can enable online sensors without wireless connections on all turbines.

Clocking Bearing Detection with DM4500

Learn how Poseidon is able to identify common gearbox faults sooner than traditional CMS.

Locomotive Engine Fault – Trident FQMS

Learn how Poseidon provides continuous insight into oil health, and so much more…