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How Online Condition Monitoring is Transforming Mining O&M Practices

Poseidon Systems provides the mining industries most advanced Online Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM), with installations on both mobile and stationary equipment across the globe.

Complete Industrial IoT System 

Mining operations represent one of the greatest maintenance challenges for heavy earth-moving equipment; especially large diesel engines powering mobile mining equipment and gearboxes/hydraulic systems on stationary mining equipment. When an unexpected breakdown occurs, the equipment is typically located in remote and difficult-to-reach areas, leading to a complicated and expensive process for repairs. Poseidon Systems’ Industrial IoT solution can avoid unexpected downtimes by monitoring oil & other lubricating fluids for wear debris, online oil condition monitoring, vibration, and other sensors that foretell mechanical failures. Poseidon Systems’ solutions can provide you with whatever you need to meet your reliability goals and can be customized to whichever pieces of equipment you are monitoring. Poseidon’s solutions are as variable as your business and can provide you with several key indicators of equipment health; helping maximize uptime, and revenues.

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