Wind Turbine Gear Tooth Fault Detection by Trident DM4500


Detecting gearbox faults prior to secondary damage; allowing for up-tower repair, significantly saving cost and extending gearbox life.


Poseidon’s online wear debris monitoring offers the earliest detection of any condition monitoring technology.

Key Benefits:

  • Detects, sizes, and classifies (ferrous vs. nonferrous) metallic particles
  • Provides real-time, online asset health information
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime of wind turbines
  • Minimized repair costs through early detection
  • Maximizes operating life of gearbox
  • Detects faults missed by borescoping and vibration analysis
  • Evaluates the impact of derating on wear generation rates

Poseidon Systems’ online wind turbine oil debris monitoring (ODM) system can help detect gearbox faults prior to secondary damage. This case study looks at a customer facing a gear tooth fault in the wind turbine’s gearbox and showcases how Poseidon’s Trident DM4500 Inline Wear Debris Sensor saved a customer expensive repair costs and extended the operating life of the asset that was missed by other monitors and sensors used by the customer.

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