Wear Debris Detection – Metal Processing Plant


Catastrophic gearbox failures can begin with minor component damage and accelerate undetected, even with traditional oil sampling and vibration monitoring practices in place.


Poseidon’s Online wear debris monitoring allows for detection of the primary failure mode and earliest notification of potential issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Early Detection of metallic (Steel and Aluminum) wear debris due to component failure
  • Provides real time asset health indicators
  • Detects, sizes, and classifies (ferrous vs. nonferrous) metallic particles
  • Minimizes repair costs through early detection
  • Maximizes operating life of gearbox
  • Detects faults that may be missed via vibration or visual inspection
  • Advance notice minimized unscheduled downtime

One of the idler gears stripped a tooth and the debris from that failure caused secondary bearing damage. Wear debris indicated a problem a months prior. A visual inspection was performed just a day or two prior to the failure and no visible damage was detected. The online vibration monitoring system also did not detect or indicate any issues until the secondary damage occurred and the failure was catastrophic. Lab samples sent out for analysis also did not detect any abnormalities.

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