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Site Health Assessment

Site Health Assessment

A new service option being offered to customers

Poseidon Systems is offering the lowest cost gearbox inspection service to wind farm operators that consistently outperforms standard borescope inspection, as much as 2-1. The site health assessment (SHA) is based on a 4-month, site-wide deployment of wear debris monitors allowing detailed insights into gearbox health. This end-to-end solution is an easy-to-deploy, affordable option for gearbox site surveys using Poseidon’s patented online wear debris system.

This service option has several key benefits such as:

  • Quickly assess health of gearboxes to prioritize maintenance
  • Reduce reliance on borescope inspections
  • Detect faults that would be missed by borescope inspections and/or vibration monitoring
  • Rapid, simple installations; about 30 minutes per turbine
  • Immediate data access via cellular connections
  • No upfront hardware costs

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