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Poseidon Live

Poseidon Live is a state-of-the-art, cloud based condition monitoring system that allows customers to monitor their asset or equipment health in real time. Poseidon’s Industrial IoT system enables customers to seamlessly get the critical information they need about their oil to Poseidon Live and perform analyses using multiple data sets including the information from online oil sensors, as well as SCADA data.


Get the most out of your data.

 Real-time asset health monitoring

Using Poseidon’s web-based portal, you can access your data in real time from anywhere.

Identify Faulty Assets

Poseidon Live enables you to compare all your assets quickly and easily highlighting those that require attention.

In-Depth Investigation

Analysis can be performed on Poseidon Live using multiple data sources including online sensor data, oil lab reports, and SCADA data allow for a complete understanding of your machinery health.



Live Alarm Notifications

Poseidon Live notifies you at the first sign of issue to enable scheduled rapid remedial action and prevent costly further damage.

Easily see an overview of key graphs for all of the assets your company is monitoring or specifically at one location.

See specific data on each asset to monitor what’s happening and investigate any issues that arise with high levels of specificity.

View trends in any of our measurements over a span of one day to one year, or any custom range of dates you would like.

View all of your sensor data, including oil sensor and vibration sensor data, in one place to the best understanding of your asset’s overall health.

Create alerts to notify you of events and occurrences as soon as they happen so you can stay informed about the health of your asset.

Get the most out of your data by creating custom charts showing just what you need to see, nothing more and nothing less.

Easily export charts and graphs in a number of formats, or get the raw data so you can share it and continue to learn from trends.

Create customer user groups including subscriptions to facilitate tailored work flows and allow access to the information each individual user needs.

Key Features

Take a look through the gallery of Poseidon Live’s key features to understand more of the capabilites of the software and familiarize yourself with the inferface.

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