Site Health Assessment

A new service option being offered to customers

We are now offering a site inspection service to wind farm operators, to rapidly evaluate the condition of the site's gearboxes. The solution uses online metallic wear debris monitors to measure wear generation rates and determine asset health. The end-to-end solution is an easy-to-deploy, affordable option for site surveys.

This service option has several key benefits such as:

  • Quickly assess health of gearboxes to prioritize maintenance
  • Reduce reliance on borescope inspections
  • Detect faults that would be missed by borescope inspections and/or vibration monitoring
  • Rapid, simple installations; about 30 minutes per turbine
  • Immediate data access via cellular connections
  • No upfront hardware costs

Site Health Assessment Brochure

Please contact us if you are interested:

+1 (585) 239-6025