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Trident VB1100 Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor

The Trident™ VB1100 vibration sensor will safely guard your critical assets with continuous machine health monitoring. Receive alerts for early detection of machine failures through vibration, temperature, and shaft speed. Integration with Poseidon Live (PSL) enables detailed trend analysis over the life of the equipment.


Introductory Offer

  • Two Trident VB1100 Vibration Sensors for the price of One
  • Two Years complimentary Vibration Monitoring with Poseidon Live

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  • Low-cost vibration monitoring
  • Improve asset health state awareness
  • Expand monitoring to secondary equipment for balance of plant (BOP)
  • Eliminate daily/periodic vibration checks
  • Combine with TridentTM DM4500 wear debris monitor for complete drive train monitoring
  • Ideal for main bearings, generator bearings, and motors


    • Triaxial MEMS accelerometer
    • Integral shaft speed measurement
    • Integral temperature measurement
    • DC acceleration measurement
    • Time waveform and FFT collection
    • Monitoring Intervals: Wireless – 30 sec min, typically 2 to 60 minutes; Wired – Continuous
    • On board feature includes Shaft Speed, RMS, Kurtosis and Frequency Band Alarms
    • Integrated with Poseidon TridentTM AP2200 and Poseidon Live (PSL)
    • Number of sensors per Trident AP2200: Wireless 16; Wired 32+
    • Trend all vibration features over time and compare vibration within your fleet

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