Trident FQMS

Multi-Sensor Systems for Advanced Fluid Quality Monitoring

We offer fluid condition monitoring systems that accommodate a suite of sensors for assessing the condition of a lubricant through real-time, online measurements. Several sensor options are available to allow for customization to your application.

These include the following:

  • Oil Quality Monitor
  • Wear Metal Sensor
  • Online Rotation Viscometer
  • Water Contamination Monitor
  • Flow Meter

The sensors are plumbed and wired into a NEMA 4 enclosure with external interfaces provided for fluid connections, power, and communications. An optional embedded computer handles all sensor data acquisition, storage, and relaying.


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  • Enable Condition Based Fluid Maintenance
  • Identify Equipment Faults Prior to Failure
  • Extend Equipment and/or Fluid Service Life
  • In-depth Fluid and System Health Insight



  • Complete Online Fluid Monitoring Solution
  • Customizable to User Application
  • Easy-to-install Self-contained Kit
  • Optional Data Logger and Network Interface


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FQMS Oil Quality Monitor