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Complete Oil Quality Sensors

Poseidon Systems’s Trident Oil Quality Sensors are the most advanced online oil quality sensors available. The QW3100/QM3100 are the only oil quality sensors designed to replace the need for periodic oil sampling, as a critical tool of recent advancements within reliability programs. With the Trident QW3100/QM3100, operators are now able to know the current health of their oil, trend and alert reliability events, project RUL, and significantly reduce overall oil consumption as part of a condition based oil change program. 

We developed the Trident Oil Quality Sensors over 15 years in concert with the largest operators in the world. The advancements made in the last few years has allowed for its adoption as the standard for many oil monitoring reliability programs; eventually leading to millions of dollars in savings for our customers.

          Mark Redding, President

This new approach allows operators to truly identify root cause issues and prevent damage to equipment, well before it becomes a reliability problem; true preventative maintenance.

Periodic Oil Sampling vs. Online Oil Quality Sensors

Online oil quality sensors are able to detect and resolve issues much sooner than traditional offline oil lab analysis techniques. As can be seen as the example graph on the right, when issues arise, they will be sensed and operators are alarmed far more quickly, enabling actions that prevent further damage or asset failure.

Trident Oil Quality Sensors

Trident QM3100

Trident QM3150


Trident QW3100

Trident QW3150


About the Technology

Poseidon Systems has developed the most advanced oil condition sensor, the only commercially available Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) sensor. EIS goes beyond single point measurements to take multiple readings, across a sweep of frequencies, that correspond to critical properties other sensors are incapable of capturing. Only Poseidon Systems’s Trident QW3100 oil condition sensor is capable of replacing periodic oil sampling.

Proven Results

Extend Gearbox Oil Drain Intervals by Up to 2x

Within the many industries, operators are changing oil too often based on historical worse case scenarios and unreliable oil sampling. The industry is unsure about the real remaining useful life (RUL) of oil and is erring on the side of caution. Using Poseidon’s oil quality sensor, operators are able know the health of their oil real-time. This allows operators to monitor oil quality, forecast oil RUL, and optimize oil changes; in some cases operating with the same oil up to two times longer. Read our case studies to see more real applications of Poseidon Systems quality sensors saving our customers time and money:

About Poseidon Systems & Our Approach

Poseidon Systems is committed to designing and manufacturing solutions that provide users with reduced O&M costs and improved asset reliability in all our industries served.

We are dedicated to helping our customers with all their oil condition sensing needs, from building the most advanced online oil quality sensors available to providing high-quality data analysis to help customers best understand the continuous, real-time stream of information gathered by their sensors; then providing customer service from our team of experts to help monitor the sensors and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Poseidon solutions add value to existing practices by integrating online oil condition sensors with standard lab samples. Only Poseidon Live combines the most advanced online oil quality data with traditional lab samples, providing the best solution for our customers. Poseidon’s sensors provide customers with oil condition data that allows for the best use of offline analysis and lab sampling and reduce O&M costs.

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