Trident LH2600

Oil Level and Quality Monitor

Supports all oil types and identifies low or high oil levels

Poseidon Systems’ Trident LH sensor monitors the oil level, quality, and water contamination in real-time. The device promotes conditioned-based maintenance practices, allowing for the earliest indication of lubricant issues and avoiding costly downtime. 


The Trident LH sensor is easily installed in place of a typical oil level sight glass and comes in both wired (LH2500) and wireless (LH2600) versions. These sensors utilize capacitive measurements to monitor oil level, a dielectric measurement to track overall oil health, and a water activity measurement to monitor for water contamination.

LH Sensor


  • Improve asset health state awareness
  • Identify low or high oil level
  • Identify contamination events
  • Optimize oil drain and sampling intervals
  • Verify proper lubrication system maintenance
  • Track water contamination levels
  • Eliminate daily/periodic lubrication checks


    • BLE 4.2 communication
    • Small form factor, easy to install
    • Supports all oil types
    • Integrated water contamination sensor
    • Optional 3-axis RMS vibration measurements

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