Ferrous Wear Analyzer

The FerroQ is a standalone device that analyzes a small sample for ferrous debris. The rapid and simple operation accompanied by outstanding sensitivity makes the device a perfect complement to any laboratory analysis. The device can be used as a low-cost screening tool to identify samples requiring further analysis, or as a standalone wear debris monitoring solution. The wide range and support for Grease Thief vials enables more flexibility and better measurements and more flexible operations.


  • Accurate results in seconds
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity for automation
  • Touch screen display
  • Small sample-needed
  • Calibration independent of base fluid used
  • Support for multiple sized vials


  • Grease/Oil analysis labs
  • Wind energy
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Oil refineries
  • Power generation
  • Gas compression
  • Manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Process machinery
  • Military


  • Avoid unpredicted failures and facilitate planned maintenance
  • Rapid results available
  • Specializes in metal detection
  • Small sample required
  • Sample is not consumed by FerroQ in test
  • Cost effective investment
FerroQ Brochure

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