Trident AP2200

Advanced Data Logging Platform

Bridges the Gap Between Modbus RTU and the Internet

Our Trident AP2200 is an easy to use platform for collecting sensor data, processing and interpreting measurements, and posting information to web servers for remote access.

The AP2200 makes collecting sensor data easy and reliable even in unreliable environments. Data is buffered in the 1.7 GB of onboard storage until successfully offloaded via Ethernet, WIFI, mobile networks, and more.

AP 2200


  • Securely Connect Modbus RTU Devices to the Internet
  • CAN/J1939 (option) and Modbus Data Logging
  • Industrial Data Gateway
  • Asset Monitoring and Tracking
  • CBM (Condition Based Maintenance)



  • Direct Support for Poseidon Systems’ Sensors and Poseidon Live
  • Web Configurable
  • Modbus TCP Master, Slave, and Gateway
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • GPRS and CDMA Mobile Networks
  • Industrial Temperature Range (-40° to 85° C)
  • CAN/J1939 Option
  • GPS Option
  • JavaScript Scripting Engine
  • Self Monitoring with Reporting
Sensors can use either CANOpen or j1939 protocols
Polling Groups can be set up to group sensors together for easy data collection and logging. The AP2200 has default support for the Trident DM and QM sensor series, along with other common sensors
You can use TCP or RTU to access groups of sensors using the Modbus protocol. The Modbus settings support a wide variety of baud rates
Easily view Polling Group statuses and device statistics such as internal temperature, network addresses and storage capacity. If a mobile modem is installed, the mobile IPv4 address is clearly visible along with mobile signal strength
Easily manage settings related to information gathering and AP2200 function
Set server address for your AP2200 to upload data to, and receive updates from
Customize AP2200 network settings
Configure a Dynamic DNS service and choose your time sever
Enable Zero Configuration Network Reporting services and set your TCP Modbus network port

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