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IoT Enabled Connected Breather

IoT Enabled Connected Breather

Get a predictive look into your equipment.

What if you had a sudden increase in moisture levels inside your equipment’s headspace, but didn’t find out about it until a catastrophic failure was a foregone conclusion? As the market’s first, and only connected breather, Des-Case Connected Breathers add value to any reliability program by detecting and recording spikes in humidity and water ingress. Early detection of system upsets, avoidance of equipment failures and unplanned downtime saves you money, maintains operational efficiency and provides one less headache for you and your organization.

The most accurate breather on the market.

Unlike any breather on the market, The Des-Case Connected Breather has eliminated the subjectivity of color-changing desiccant media, allowing you to know the exact moment your breather is fully spent and should be replaced. Sensors inside the breather provides a precise digital reading of remaining breather life, saturation direction and breather temperature so the breather is never replaced too early or left on an unprotected asset.

Save time and be safe

Shorten time-consuming, scheduled lube routes and decrease the risk of workplace injuries by using RFID and Bluetooth technology to collect data on multiple breathers at the same time when syncing them with the IsoLogic app.

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