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Industrial IoT

Stay Connected to Your Data, Always.

Having a continual understanding of your equipment’s health is a crucial factor in order to minimize O&M costs and optimize repair schedule and asset management. Poseidon has the Industrial IoT devices you need to consistently have a real-time understanding of the data that is coming from your machine. The combination of our sensors, edge device, and cloud-based monitoring software enables Poseidon’s customers to be able to constantly understand the crucial data needed to best make decisions about their assets and maximize their useful life.

Seamless Data Collection & Reporting

Online Sensors

Poseidon Systems’ wear debris sensors and oil health sensors are a comprehensive end-to-end solution allowing customers to optimize maintenance practices and avoid unscheduled downtime. Customized real-time condition monitoring solutions to enable condition-based maintenance (CBM) practices and asset health management for protecting our customer’s critical assets.

Gateway Device

Poseidon’s Industrial IoT gateway can be used to seamlessly bridge the gap between Poseidon and 3rd party sensors and either cloud or local data historians. Supported interfaces include RS485, CAN, Ethernet, WiFi, cellular networks, & more.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Once your data is stored on the cloud, it can be easily accessed and analyzed in Poseidon Live. Poseidon Systems’ Poseidon Live (PSL) is a web portal that allows users to monitor the health of their assets based on sensor data from these assets. While primarily designed for use with Poseidon Systems’ sensors, PSL can also import other types of data, including offline-oil, weather, and operational data. PSL can be used to monitor data in real-time, as well as perform historical data analysis. PSL can also send users a notification email when a device has exceeded a particular event threshold or failure detection. PSL provides an easy-to-use tool for monitoring the health of an entire fleet of assets.

Poseidon Systems’ Trident AP2200 is an advanced edge device and telematics system that bridges the gap between the sensors and the internet to make collecting sensor data easy and reliable.


Poseidon Live

Poseidon Live is an advanced, cloud-based monitoring software that allows customers to perform analyses utilizing multiple data sets, including online sensor data and SCADA system data in order to get a holistic view and understanding of asset health. Additionally, Poseidon Live has real-time alarm notifications so customers can be alerted at the first sign of an issue.

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