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Condition Monitoring Systems

Complete Condition Monitoring

Poseidon Systems Trident Fluid Quality Monitoring System (FQMS) 2.0, the world’s most advanced industrial IoT fluid monitoring system. The Trident FQM 2.0 was purpose built and tested for some of the world’s most critical equipment within mining, locomotive, OHV, power generation, marine, and other applications. Poseidon Systems has validated the capability of detecting mechanical failures at the earliest point in time and monitor fluid quality real-time, allowing for fluid RUL estimations and true condition-based oil changes.

“The data and analysis provided by Poseidon Systems’ Trident FQMS enabled us to make an informed decision to remove an asset from service that otherwise would have suffered catastrophic failure,” says Steve Baxter, Anglo American. “This early detection has resulted in improved safety, significant savings in downtime and production costs, savings in consumable costs and reducing our environmental footprint.”

This capability allows for operators to avoid millions in repair cost and reduce fluid consumption/waste by up to 50%.

Complete Industrial IoT Platform

Poseidon Systems has developed a true Industrial IoT platform that can integrate a number of other sensors to expand monitoring to a greater number of components. Anchored by the Trident AP2200 edge device and Poseidon Live (PSL), Poseidon’s cloud-based monitoring software, the FQMS 2.0 is a true Industrial IoT platform. The Trident AP2200 is capable of integrating most wireless sensors and wired digital/analog sensors, easily adding expanded online monitoring to more components and equipment using PSL.

Standard Configuration

  • 6 Months Platinum Monitoring Service
  • EIS Oil Quality
  • Wear Debris
  • Viscosity
  • Water
  • Relative Humidity
  • Fluid Temperature
  • Communications – LAN



  • Extended Monitoring Service
  • Particle Count (ISO, NAS, SAE)
  • Wireless Vibration
  • Flow Meter
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Proximity
  • Level
  • Speed
  • Analog & Digital Sensors
  • Magnetic Filter
  • Smart Desiccant Breather
  • Communications – Bluetooth
  • Communications – Wireless
  • Communications – Cellular
  • Special Integrations (Upon Request)

Trident Condition Monitoring Systems

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