This summer, Poseidon Systems welcomed 5 co-op students to our team, and we are very grateful for their contributions. We hope that they too have enjoyed being part of the Poseidon Systems family and have learned and found value in their time here. Keep reading more about our most recent co-ops and help us celebrate their accomplishments!

Xander Rohring
RIT New Media Marketing, Class of 2021

This summer Xander has been a Marketing Co-op at Poseidon Systems this summer. Xander has worked on a variety of projects towards our marketing efforts including website optimization and redevelopment for key SEO searches, weekly writing and promotion of blog posts, updating case studies & other content marketing materials, and market research. Xander says he has enjoyed seeing the direct impact his work had on a small business and found it rewarding to see the impact in web traffic and sales that resulted from his work. Xander said that he learned a lot about SEO best practices which will be helpful for his coursework in the completion of his degree and future endeavors.


Nicholas Feldman
RIT Web & Mobile Computing, Class of 2021

Nick has been working as a Software Engineer Co-op this summer. Nick has worked on the development of Poseidon Live 2, including building new features and tools, UI/UX improvements, including analysis view improvements and weather integration, and automated testing. Nick said he has enjoyed the level of autonomy he has been given by Poseidon, as well as the ability to apply experience from class and personal projects in his past. Nick says that he has gained insight into how software can be developed to compliment hardware in a user-friendly way and practical experience learning and adapting to a codebase he is not familiar with.


Owen Straub
RIT Electrical Engineering, Class of 2022

This summer Owen has been working as an Electrical Engineer Co-op this summer. Owen has worked on projects related to the QM3100, AP2200, and several other research and development projects for upcoming products. Owen said that he enjoyed the collaborative aspect of his work at Poseidon Systems and found it to be uplifting to be able to work directly with other members of our team, which was not an experience he has had at previous co-ops. Owen said this experience helped him learn more about the value of continuing to learn, both at RIT and through the people he works with who have years of experience in the tech industry.


Matt Coffey
Binghamton University Mechanical Engineering,
Class of 2021

Matt has been working as a Mechanical Engineer Co-op this summer and is returning after being an intern here last summer. This summer Matt has worked on a variety of projects, including designing new assembly methods for QM/QW sensors, design of an explosion proof Class I Div. II case for the QW sensor, helped with internal improvements to Poseidon Systems’ operations such as creation of an MSDS for the chemicals in the machine shop, and review and editing user manuals published to Poseidon’s customers. Matt said that while he has improved technical skills, the practical skills he has learned are far more important. One of the things that he felt his education has been lacking is hands on experience in a shop and having the opportunity to design and manufacture parts for Poseidon has been a very helpful experience.


Nathan Misner
RIT Computer Science, Class of 2023

This summer Nathan is working for Poseidon Systems as a Computer Science Co-op, and he plans on continuing his co-op into the fall semester. Projects Nathan has worked on includes adding features to the AP2200 including adding support for Modbus sensors over TCP and adding the ability to whitelist paired Bluetooth sensors. He has also implemented unit testing for the AP2200 firmware, and helped with finding bugs in Midas firmware. Nathan said he has enjoyed being able to do valuable work that creates a difference in Poseidon’s products. Nathan’s time at co-op has helped him learn more about unit testing, low-level Linux development, and the software development process.


While the co-op experience may not have looked the same this year as it has in the past due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy we were still able to provide our co-ops with a great experience. To our co-ops, thank you for your hard work this summer and we will miss you! Best of luck with your upcoming studies, and we hope to see you again soon.