Beijing, China—Today Poseidon Systems, LLC announced three key sensing solutions under the Trident™ Sensor Product Line at the 2016 China Wind Power show. The three products include the Trident™ QW3100, the Trident™ DM4500, and the Trident™ AP2200. This show marks the entry of Poseidon Systems’ Trident™ Product Line into China’s wind power generation market to extend the uptime and service life of difficult-to-reach gearboxes on wind turbines. “We are proud to be part of the wind power generation industry, and to help our customers reduce the cost of energy production through innovative oil and gearbox health monitoring solutions,” said Poseidon Systems President Mark Redding. “One of the key industry challenges has been excessive downtime resulting from unplanned maintenance activities; our solutions enable wind turbine owners and operators to detect impending failures early, thereby minimizing repair costs and downtime and preventing catastrophic failures.” The ability to detect oil quality and condition enables maintenance intervals to be adjusted as-needed, protecting and maximizing the uptime of critical assets. Poseidon Systems’ product offerings include: Poseidon Systems’ Trident™ DM4500 Wear Debris Monitor, with real-time, in-line fluid sensing technology for the detection of metallic wear debris and particulates in a lubrication system. By continuously monitoring wear debris generation, the device alerts users to gearbox faults in their earliest stages, allowing for lower cost corrective actions, minimized downtime, and maximized gearbox life. Poseidon Systems’ Trident™ QW3100, with real-time, in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluids. The device provides continuous insight into oil health, promoting condition-based maintenance practices such as optimized fluid drain intervals and reduced dependence on offline analysis. Poseidon Systems’ Trident™ AP2200, an easy to use platform for collecting sensor data, processing and interpreting measurements, and posting information to web servers for remote access. The AP2200 makes collecting sensor data easy and reliable even in unreliable environments. Data is buffered in the 1.7 GB of on-board storage until successfully off-loaded via Ethernet, WIFI, mobile networks, and more. About Poseidon Systems, LLC Poseidon Systems was formed in 2010, and is headquartered in Rochester, NY, U.S.A. Poseidon develops and manufactures real-time condition monitoring solutions that provide users with reduced O&M costs and improved asset reliability. Poseidon’s core expertise is in the fluid diagnostics, particularly metallic wear debris monitoring and oil condition monitoring. Poseidon also supports the design and production of customer-specific sensing and monitoring solutions. To learn more, contact us at