Poseidon Systems has been selected as a finalist for the Wind Small Vendor of the Year award to be presented at the 3rd Annual Wind O&M Dallas Awards organized by Wind Energy Update.  This award rewards the hard work, innovation and exceptional service provided by small vendors with less than 20 employees in the wind industry.

With a small but dedicated team, Poseidon is able to deliver outstanding service and personal attention to all of its customers.  Over the past year, Poseidon has more than doubled its installed base of monitored gearboxes, now serving more than 20 customers and installed at more than 50 wind farms.  Poseidon’s growth can be attributed to its best-in-class technology combined with its unwavering commitment to its customers.  By treating each monitored gearbox as if it were its own, Poseidon’s after-sales service maximizes the benefit delivered to its customers. Poseidon’s Trident DM series of online metallic wear debris monitors detects the earliest signs of gearbox problems, allowing customers to plan for and implement cost-saving measures.  Priced to provide excellent overall value, customers have reported ROI exceeding 10X and payback periods of less than 1 year for Trident DM wear debris monitors.  Gearbox Express, recognizing this value, includes Poseidon’s wear debris monitors as standard equipment on every one of their remanufactured gearboxes. If you are attending the O&M Dallas Awards, don’t forget to cast your vote for Poseidon Systems on April 10th! poseidon systems wind energy small vendor of the year award