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Wind Power Industry

Damage Prevention Through Real-Time Monitoring

The wind power industry has experienced tremendous growth and improvements in terms of turbine design, generator design, electronics and other aspects of the power-generation assets. With that said, the rotating components require constant lubrication, and the remote location of the rotating assemblies on wind turbines make access for maintenance — or especially major repair– very costly. Poseidon Systems offers end-to-end solutions for online oil conditioning monitoring, gearbox wear debris monitoring, and drivetrain vibration monitoring that can extend uptime and provide advance notice of potential failures. Additionally, Poseidon Systems offers custom design, development, and research on solutions for the wind turbine industry.

Gearbox Fault Detection & Life Extension With Wear Debris Monitoring

Poseidon’s advanced online wear debris sensors are capable of detecting faults in wind turbine gearboxes, in many cases, sooner than vibration analysis and other forms of offline oil analysis. Poseidon’s line of Trident DM sensors are capable of detecting and classifying particles as ferrous or nonferrous and sizing these particles in order to provide immediate and direct insight about the health of your wind turbine better than any other sensor.

Reduce Offline Oil Analysis With Online Oil Condition Monitoring

Poseidon’s line of online oil condition sensors eliminate the need for periodic fluid sampling and decrease O&M costs including unplanned turbine downtime. The limitations of offline oil analysis means many faults are not found which can lead to secondary damage or catastrophic failure. Online oil condition monitoring enables customers to know more about the health of their turbine and make better decisions.

Main, Yaw, & Pitch Bearing Grease Wear Debris Monitoring

Poseidon’s handheld ferrous metal debris monitor allows for customers to gather insights about their greased equipment such as the main, pitch, yaw, and slewing bearings in seconds in order know the condition of the bearings immediately. Midas™ is a compact and free standing monitor that uses oil samples to detect high levels of ferrous debris on your bearing to prevent further damage and optimize maintenance.

How Does It Work?

Shows how Poseidon Sensors collect and analyze data from Wind turbines

Poseidon debris monitoring sensors can easily be installed into your wind turbine and will start collecting and reporting real-time data on a number of properties about debris in the oil of your wind turbine gearbox. As mentioned above, Poseidon’s Trident DM sensors are able to detect, categorize, and size metallic particles. The monitor will detect and measure particles with an estimated spherical diameter of 40 micron ferrous and 150 micron non-ferrous and larger. This is the widest range of detection of any wear debris sensor available.

Poseidon Live immediately notifies you when it detects something to be concerned with, so you can investigate and resolve the root cause as soon as possible to prevent costly secondary damage or catastrophic failure. Furthermore, this data can be used to reduce O&M costs by optimizing your maintenance and repair schedule.

Why Poseidon Systems?

Poseidon Systems is here to support you and your individual reliability goals, from start to finish. We can provide sensors for what you need and provide solutions to your specific challenges. Poseidon can provide individual sensors for oil condition monitoring or we can provide you with a complete system of sensors and solution including wear debris, viscosity, direct relative humidity measurements, etc.; including a full IIoT solution.

Regardless of which Poseidon sensors are right for your business, Poseidon Systems has an advanced Industrial IoT platform to help you understand the data and apply it to your reliability goals. Poseidon Live cloud-based monitoring software allows customers to perform analyses utilizing multiple data sets, including online oil condition sensor data and SCADA system data in order to get a holistic view and understanding of the health the of oil in your wind turbine.

Poseidon’s ability to collect real-time data from a network of different sensors and immediately connect it to a robust IIoT platform creates a differentiated solution system and the best value to our customers.

Poseidon Live Interface

What We Do & Our Approach

Poseidon Systems designs and manufactures sensors to help optimize operations and reduce O&M costs for our customers. Our online wear debris sensors are able to provide the earliest fault detection of any condition-based monitoring solution and adds value to our customers’ operations in numerous ways. Early fault detection reduces O&M costs through better planning and reduced downtime and extends the wind turbine’s useful life.

Poseidon is able to deliver real, applicable results to our customers. Key benefits of Poseidon’s online wear debris sensors include the ability to detect, size, and classify metallic particles as ferrous vs. nonferrous, the ability to provide real-time, online wind turbine health information, and reduce the unscheduled downtime of wind turbines. The online, real-time information provided is able to

detect faults early on and detect faults missed by borescoping and vibration analysis. Wind turbine operators are able to use data from Poseidon’s sensors in combination with offline tools to identify failure modes of wind turbine gearboxes in order to prevent the replacement of gearboxes, which can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. Customers can evaluate the data that is coming from their fleet of turbines and make decisions that best help them reach their business goals, including using the addition of oil condition monitoring sensors as well.

Proven Results

Poseidon Systems has years of experience making sensors and providing monitoring solutions to our customers.

Read our case studies to learn more about specific instances where Poseidon was able to detect gearbox faults and optimize maintenance schedules for our customers in order to save them time and money that would result from further damage to the wind turbine.

Real-Time, Wind Turbine Health Monitoring

Poseidon Systems can provide you with solutions that help all areas of your operations. We have an extensive line of oil condition monitoring and wear debris sensors that can be used to better understand oil health. Poseidon is unique in our ability to provide both advanced sensors and high-quality data analysis. Poseidon’s online oil condition monitoring sensors and online wear debris sensors offer direct insight into the health of  your wind turbine and can detect faults in their earliest stage. Poseidon’s data can be easily collected using Poseidon’s Industrial IoT solution, analyzed using Poseidon Live, and combined with offline data to provide the best information to our customers. The combination of these powerful tools enables our customers to have a full understanding of their wind turbine health real-time, enabling minimal downtime and maximum operating capacity.

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