Online oil condition and wear debris sensors have a plethora of benefits that they provide to a business’ operations: early detection, reduced downtime, minimized repair costs, asset life extension, oil drain interval optimization, and more. Many of the key benefits of online oil sensors are benefits not just for the asset’s owner, but for the environment and planet as well.

Poseidon’s sensors enable substantial reduction in the amount of all kinds of waste produced by companies utilizing our advanced, state-of-the art sensors. One way in which this is possible is through oil drain optimization. When customers are able to use their oil for its full useful life, rather than replacing it on a time-based schedule as is common practices for companies not using online sensors, this means that less oil is consumed overall, and therefore less oil needs to be disposed of. Reducing this environmental waste benefits the planet as well as the business by reducing the amount of oil that must be properly disposed of, which can take time and money to ensure appropriate disposal. An example of this kind of oil drain optimization can be seen in the graph below:

 Further, online oil sensors also reduce waste of mechanical components. Poseidon Systems’ sensors enable early detection of faults and issues which allows for operators to make repairs to their machines before secondary damage is caused. Naturally, when less parts and damaged, less components end up needing to be replaced and disposed of, meaning less ends up in the landfills and the environment benefits.

Last of all, life extension enabled by Poseidon’s sensors, specifically on wind turbines, also can provide an immense benefit for the environment. Wind turbines are designed to withstand extreme conditions, and as such they cannot be recycled easily and at the end of their life end up in landfills. As Poseidon’s sensors extend usable life for wind turbines and help gearboxes reach their full potential, this means that turbines can be used for longer and less will unnecessarily end up in landfills, another way of reducing environmental waste burdening the planet and disrupting ecosystems.

Poseidon Systems is proud that our products are able to make an impact, not just on our customers and their operations, but on the planet as a whole. This is just one of the many benefits Poseidon can bring to customers.


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