Poseidon Systems is excited to announce the hiring of Jeff Lubkowski.  Jeff will be managing/directing the product development team.  He will focus on developing new technology to complement the exemplary products that Poseidon currently offers.


Jeff has graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in electrical engineering.  As an engineer Jeff has developed antenna systems and RF sensors for the last 10 years. As a product developer, he has had a lead role in the successful launch of 8 products over the last 8 years.


What about Poseidon Systems made you want to work here?

The energy! The team is full of dynamic individuals that promote a positive work culture. In addition, I have known Ryan for 10+ years and first considered the possibility of joining in 2011. I have admired Poseidon over that time, and I look forward to contributing to their success any way I can.


Fun Facts:

               I have a passion for cycling. I competitively race on the road, gravel, singletrack (mountain), and in a sport known as cyclocross. I firmly believe that the number of bikes a person should own is n+1.

 I currently have 5…and one on order.