Esosa Agbongiator

Poseidon Systems is excited to announce the hiring of Esosa
Agbongiator. Esosa is part of the engineering team working as
a mechanical engineer and will focus on aiding in oil monitoring tasks
along with engineering design in the future.

Esosa holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical
engineering from Louisiana State University and the University of Rochester
respectively. He has also previously interned at Chevron, Danos and ASML in
various engineering design and analysis roles.

What about Poseidon Systems made you want to work here?

The range of applications Poseidon’s equipment were used in
was the main draw. In addition, I liked that Poseidon was contributing towards
sustainability through its involvement in Wind Energy Market. Lastly, I felt I
could make a difference in the company due to its current size and recent rapid

Fun Facts:

I’m from Nigeria, been mainly in the US since 2014. I hope
to travel around to all states in whole country. So far I’ve been to Louisiana,
Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, New York…..have a long way to go.
Hobbies Include: Soccer (real football), Chess, Comedy, Music and Anime.