Manor Technology (MTML) was established in 1993 to specialize in Wear Debris Monitoring developments. Since then the economic advantages of employing Machine Condition Monitoring have become increasingly obvious. The ensuing benefits of greater reliability and reduced plant cost are now often viewed

MTML developed and supplied MIDAS, an easy-to-use benchtop ferrous debris monitor available, and PATROL, a high sensitivity online metallic debris particle monitor. Applicable equally to the monitoring of engines, gearboxes and fluid power systems, these technologies provide an early indication of deteriorating machine health. Trending of regular wear debris values will frequently indicate signs of failure before other condition monitoring techniques, e.g. vibration monitoring or thermography.

In 2010, Poseidon Systems acquired MTML and has continued its developments. Please visit Poseidon’s website for the latest advancements in the field of metallic wear debris monitoring.

For online metallic debris monitoring, click here.

For benchtop ferrous debris monitoring, click here.

Mike Hutchings, MTML founder, is continuing to serve his Dynamo Voltage Regulator customers via Dynamo Regulators, Ltd. Please visit the DRL website for more information.

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