Poseidon Systems, LLC is excited to announce Poseidon Fluid Power, LLC, a subsidiary of Poseidon Systems, LLC, focused on bringing to market a revolutionary new axial piston pump/motor technology.

Mark Redding, President of Poseidon Systems and Managing Member of Poseidon Fluid Power, “CurAegis, and its predecessor Torvec, have a long history of innovation in specialty industrial applications in Rochester. Poseidon Fluid Power is excited to leverage our expertise in delivering innovative products to commercialize this platform globally while creating jobs here in Rochester, NY.”

The innovative technology has a significant advantage to traditional axail pumps.

The rotating swashplate, with patented valve technology, allows for high speed and high pressure operation as a pump and motor. This unique combination of features and capabilities allows for greater flexibility in system design.

The end benefits result in a pump/motor that is:


        • Smaller
        • Greater Efficiency
        • Wider Operating Range
        • Increased Power Density
        • Improved Scalability
        • Significantly Less Expensive

Poseidon Fluid Power will develop the technology further using an in-house test stand, allowing for independent testing capabilities.

Contact Us: Info@PoseidonFluidPower.com