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Oil Condition Monitoring

What is Online Oil Condition Monitoring?

Online Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) continuously monitors oil health, instead of relying only on offline oil lab samples.

Online oil condition monitoring provides insights into oil degradation over time, detecting condemning limits, calculating oil RUL, and immediate detection of contamination events.

Online oil quality sensors allow for trending factors such as percent soot, base number, relative humidity, additive depletion, and other parameters.

Savings & Benefits of Online Oil Condition Monitoring

Poseidon Systems’ oil quality sensors have many use cases that will result in significant savings for end users, compared to using solely offline lab-based oil condition monitoring.

  • Real time oil health information allows for better
    allocation of resources
  • More accurate data reduces unnecessary O&M
    costs through preventative maintenance
    and extending oil RUL
  • Early warning of potential failure modes allows
    for better end-of-life management
  • Real-time online monitoring reduces
    unscheduled downtime

How Does It Work?

Description of how Poseidon Systems sensors are installed and collect data

Poseidon oil condition monitoring sensors can easily be installed into your asset and will start collecting and reporting real-time data on a number of properties about the health of the oil in your engine, gearbox, etc. Poseidon Systems utilizes a suite of sensors; including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), a sensing method based on analyzing a fluid’s electrical properties across a range of frequencies, to collect more information than single-frequency dielectric or conductance sensors.

Poseidon Live immediately notifies you when it detects something to be concerned with, so you can investigate and resolve the root cause as soon as possible to prevent costly secondary damage or catastrophic failure. Furthermore, this data can be used to reduce O&M costs by optimizing your maintenance and oil change schedule.

Poseidon Live interface with data visualization graphs

Poseidon Live Interface (pictured above)

Our Approach

Poseidon Systems is committed to designing and manufacturing solutions that provide users with reduced O&M costs and improved asset reliability in all our industries served. We are dedicated to helping our customers with all their oil condition monitoring needs, from building the most advanced online oil quality sensors available to providing high-quality data analysis to help customers best understand the continuous, real-time stream of information gathered by their sensors; then providing customer service from our team of experts to help monitor the sensors and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Poseidon solutions add value to existing practices by integrating online oil condition monitoring with standard lab samples. Only Poseidon Live combines the most advanced online oil quality sensors with traditional lab samples, providing the best solution for our customers. Poseidon’s sensors provide customers with oil condition data that allows for the best use of offline analysis and lab sampling and reduce O&M costs.

Why Poseidon Systems?

Poseidon Systems is here to support you and your individual reliability goals, from start to finish. We can provide sensors for what you need and provide solutions to your specific challenges. Poseidon can provide individual sensors for oil condition monitoring or we can provide you with a complete system of sensors and solution including wear debris, viscosity, direct relative humidity measurements, etc.; including a full IIoT solution.

Regardless of which Poseidon sensors are right for your business, Poseidon Systems has an advanced Industrial IoT platform to help you understand the data and apply it to your reliability goals. Poseidon Live cloud-based monitoring software allows customers to perform analyses utilizing multiple data sets, including online oil condition sensor data and SCADA system data in order to get a holistic view and understanding of the health the of oil in your asset.

Poseidon’s ability to collect real-time data from a network of different sensors and immediately connect it to a robust IIoT platform creates a differentiated solution system and the best value to our customers.

Proven Results

Poseidon Systems has years of experience making sensors and providing monitoring solutions to our customers.

Read more about how we have saved customers time and money through our combination of advanced oil condition monitoring sensors and data analysis:

Graph showing how Scheduled Oil Inspections would have missed abnormal oil health

Abnormal oil health would have been missed by offline analysis, but online analysis detects this and can prevent future failures

Trident FQMS Sensor system

Trident FQMS

Online Oil Condition Sensors

Learn more about Poseidon’s products:

Trident QW3100 Oil Condition Monitoring sensor

Trident QW3100

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