Poseidon Systems is pleased to announce the latest addition to our Trident line of products.  The Trident AP2200 bridges the gap between Modbus RTU and the Internet.  This product was developed to fill our needs for a versatile and secure data logger. Trident AP2200 was designed to be easy to work with while still being powerful. Trident AP2200 can query and store data from any Modbus RTU or TCP device via Ethernet, dual RS-232, and RS-485 ports.  Data can be stored locally or automatically forwarded to HTTP or FTP servers.  The DIN rail mount, convenient 8-28V power output on the Modbus port, and support for numerous industry standards make installation and integration a breeze. Trident AP2200 is the logical choice for anyone wishing to connect their Modbus RTU devices to an IP network.  The available GPRS and CDMA options enable users to easily collect data from remote systems.  Industry standards such as HTTP, FTP, JSON, ntp, dynamic dns, zerconf, and more make integrating with software solutions pain free.  Integrating with Poseidon Systems Live is nearly a plug-and-play experience. The self monitoring device is ideal for environments with poor network connectivity as data, up to a whopping 1.7 GB, is buffered on board until the destination server is successfully reached.  This is ideal for remote installations connected via the GPRS or CDMA mobile network options. Trident AP2200 is convenient even in reliable networks.  Zeroconf ensures that your devices are easily discovered on your IP networks.  Acting a Modbus TCP gateway you can query your Modbus RTU devices.  This is particularly useful as many PCs are no longer equipped with RS-232 ports.